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With Eurosender, you don’t simply start a new job. When you join us, you become a member of the team behind digital logistics. Yes, we do offer all the usual employment perks, but that is not why you should become one of us. You should join our team if you want to make a real difference for the people and businesses shipping their goods all over the world. You should join us if you are ready to go above and beyond to make logistics more efficient for future generations and the environment.

Digital logistics is a competitive trillion-dollar realm where speed is of greatest importance. We are growing our organization at a fast pace but we want to build it solidly with our core values always in sight. That means you will work in a collaborative, bold, and progressive team of individuals from all over the world with a common vision: to become the no. 1 global digital logistics hub.

Every group of people has its culture: shared beliefs, customs, practices, and values. Assets, sales, investments, etc. are just the results. In reality, the only thing we really have is Company Culture and our people are the most important part of it!

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Luxembourg HQ

9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911 Luxembourg

Ljubljana Office

Cesta v Gorice 34B, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kiev Office

BC FORUM 13 Mykoly Pymonenko street, BLOCK 4A, 2nd floor, 04050 Kiev, Ukraine